Fisher Library 2 hour Collection relocating on Thursday 26th April

The 2 hour collection is relocating to Level 3 of the Old Undergraduate Library on Thursday 26th April and Friday 27th April.
Material will be available by contacting a staff member initially at the 2 hour desk and after that has closed, by contacting a staff member at the Loans/Enquiries desk in the foyer for the next few weeks. Facilities to view DVD’s will be relocated as will the computers in this area.

Please ask at the Information Desk or the Loan/Enquiries desk in the foyer if you require assistance.

Easter closure 2012

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Published on: 4 April 2012

All University Libraries will be closed:
Good Friday, 6 April to Easter Monday, 9 April 2012
Opening hours:

Fisher Library Microforms review

As part of the Fisher Library Renewal Project, we would like your feedback on the Microforms within the collection. The list of currently held microforms is in two parts – Retain in Fisher and Transfer to Storage.

Please complete the Collection Review form, by 19th April, if there are titles in the Retain in the Library list which you think should be relocated to Storage or if there are items in the Transfer to Storage list which you think should stay in Fisher Library.

The Review Criteria for Microforms is based on the following information and also the shelving capacity that will exist once the building is renovated and the number of volumes currently stored in the Fisher Library. Microforms (microfilms, microfiche and micro cards) were acquired by the Library primarily to provide access to copies of out-of-print publications and documents that could not be acquired in their original format.  Many of these acquisitions supported the research interests of members of the academic staff at a particular time and are no longer in demand, but they are sometimes the only copies held in Australia.The Library also acquired microforms of newspapers and magazines to either replace the print versions or to provide access to the entire output of particular publications.  This category of publication is now increasingly available in digital format and this is the preferred means of access due to improved indexing and searching capabilities.

Microforms may be retained on open access if:

  • in frequent demand by researchers
  • supports current teaching/research
  • contain newspapers/magazines published in the last 10 years
  • acquired in the past 5 years

Microforms may be transferred to storage if:

  • available in digital format but archival access is not guaranteed
  • not in frequent demand for research or teaching

Microforms are currently available from shelves located on level 3 and Level 9 of the Fisher Library and low demand volumes will be delivered from storage on request.



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