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Published on: 5 July 2013

The Library provides access to an extensive collection of electronic resources, including eJournals and eBooks, which are widely used for research, learning and teaching in the University. These resources are available under publishers licence for all University staff and students.

From Wednesday 17th July authentication via Unikey or Library barcode will be required for access to these resources from computers on campus, including wireless access, following the same procedure as the existing arrangement for off-campus access. This change has become necessary to ensure the University complies with the publishers’ licence agreements and to avoid putting access to these critical resources at risk.

Exemptions have been made for public access computers in all libraries, which will not prompt for authentication except for those resources that already require it both on and off campus eg. SciFinder Scholar and Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) eBooks. This exemption for most resources will enable continued access for those Library members and walk-in users who do not have Unikeys.

The change is necessary to ensure we are complying with the licence agreements for our electronic resources. Recent incidents of unauthorised access have put access to some key electronic resources at risk. Compromised computers or servers have been used for unauthorised or unlicensed access to our resources. This puts the Library in breach of licence, and in the past publishers have blocked access to their resources because of such breaches. Adding an authentication step in the process guards against this risk.

The change has been timed for the semester break to minimise the impact on clients. If clients are accessing a number of resources they will only need to authenticate the first time in the browser session so the extra step should not be too onerous. A number of other University resources already require authentication both and on and off campus.

More information about electronic resources is on the databases page or contact Ask a Librarian.

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  1. James Mcnee says:

    Dear Librarian, I am a Community Borrower and tried to access online journal material on a level 4 computer this p.m. but was rejected in this attempt. Your colleague at the desk on Level 3 has kindly directed me to this computer where it appears I can access the desired material. Can I please say that access to online material is to me an EXTREMELY important part of my membership – I do hope that I will in future be able also to access such material at other computers in the library, rather than being restricted to a small number on Level 3. I do not need off-campus access. Hope you can help! Best wishes, James C. Mcnee.

  2. Gaith (Library Web Services) says:

    @James Mcnee
    Dear James,
    All public PCs should still give direct access to online resources. The problem you encountered at Fisher Level 4 computers has been reported and is being looked at and corrected by our IT department.


  3. Patrick says:

    Hi I’ve searched for a book with an ISBN of 9781781902875. The results brings me to this webpage Where do I access the full text book?

  4. Jessica Turi says:

    Dear library,

    I am thoroughly confused. Why can’t I access my readings online??

    From what I understand you can’t let me access the readings without authentication – how is this done?? I have put in my uni key and password and was sent to this site. Please clarify!!

  5. Gaith (Library Web Services) says:

    @Jessica Turi
    Dear Jessica,

    You should be able to use your UniKey to access your unit of study readings or more specifically your eReadings.

    I have sent you a direct email with more detailed instructions.


  6. XiaimingXi says:

    Easy access to electronic article will be good

  7. Gaith (Library Web Services) says:

    Hi Angela,

    The link you provided is a strange looking one.
    I have sent you a direct email with more details.

    Hopefully we can sort this out for you.


  8. Ariel says:

    I am currently researching in Germany and until now have accessed resources successfully online.
    Now I find neither unikey nor library bar code will function.

    This is extremely inconvenient. Can you please rectify?

    A/Prof Ariel Salleh

  9. Gaith (Library Web Services) says:

    Hi Ariel,

    I have checked your account and it all looks okay.
    Could there be a problem with your internet provider, blocking access or disabling javascript or https access?

    Would you mind please try to see if you can access MyLoans via the library home page with your UniKey or barcode No.?

    If you are still having problems please email me directly, including in the email the barcode No. you are trying to use.


  10. Inakwu Odeh says:

    It seems access to ejournals has been disabled. How can this be rectified?



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