Exhibition – Inner Space: a microscopic journey

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Published on: 1 March 2012

Cancer cell

29 February to 5 April 2012
Explore exciting discoveries from the world of science through the lens of a microscope. Get a new perspective on innovative light metals, wandering cancer cells and ancient insects frozen in time. See how different microscopy techniques combine to give new visions of our world through the unique images presented in this exhibition by the Australian Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis.

Where: SciTech Library
Level 1, Jane Foss Russell Building, G02
160 City Road

Please note that exhibition opening hours vary from day to day. Visit the SciTech Library website for opening hours.

Further information
T 9351 5322
E acmm.graduateprogram@sydney.edu.au

Image: Invasion by a cancer cell by L Soon and J Lee, colour-enhanced scanning electron micrograph, 2011.

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