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Published on: 30 July 2014

Fisher 24/7 Study ZoneWho can access the study zone?
All enrolled University of Sydney students carrying a current student card.

Where is the study zone?
Entrance Level (Foyer and South wing only)

What can I access after library hours?
You can access:

  • Computers
  • Online Library resources
  • Printers
  • The University wireless network
  • Group study spaces and lounges

How do I enter the study zone after library hours?
You can enter the study zone by swiping your student card at the after-hours entrance door 15 minutes after the Library closes. No special registration is required.

If you are using the Fisher 24 hour study zone before the Library closes, you will need to collect your belongings and borrow any items you need before exiting the Library at closing time. After the building has been cleared for re-entry to the 24 hour study zone, you can use your student card to re-enter.

What are the security arrangements?

  • Security patrols
  • Security emergency help points
  • CCTV cameras

You must keep your student card with you at all times, and follow the instructions of Security staff if directed.

For more information, see Security and your safety:

University Security Service: 9351-3333
This is an emergency number only.


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  1. Rodney Blake says:

    The 24hrs study zone for Fisher sounds great. However surely a better procedure can be implemented so students aren’t thrown out for 15mins at closing before they re-enter which is what the above procedure suggests. This is particularly painful and perhaps a little dangerous at 10pm on a winters night!

    • Rhonda Myers says:

      The requirement for students to exit the Library and re-enter is so that the after-hours area is only available for University of Sydney students. We can consider your feedback, in consultation with University Security staff, in case they can recommend an alternative entry protocol.

  2. Heather Thomas says:

    Does this include Saturdays and Sundays?

  3. pie says:

    So we aren’t even allowed to bring in Significant others into the library? The guard just booted my SO out as she wasn’t part of USyd.

  4. Sarah says:

    Do we have to enter 15 minutes after closing or can we swipe in at any time of the night

  5. Ellie says:

    There needs to be better ettiquite for entering the 24hr zone. People literally running past and pushing one another over for a seat is a bit much. Put security on the door and make them enforce the usual social rules of not elbowing someone in the face like they’re a crazed eastern suburbs housewife grabbing at the last zimmerman dress at a djs sale. Alternativley open up the whole floor so there is enough room for everyone.

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