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Published on: 30 July 2014

Fisher 24/7 Study ZoneWho can access the study zone?
All enrolled University of Sydney students carrying a current student card.

Where is the study zone?
Entrance Level (Foyer and South wing only)

What can I access after library hours?
You can access:

  • Computers
  • Online Library resources
  • Printers
  • The University wireless network
  • Group study spaces and lounges

How do I enter the study zone after library hours?
You can enter the study zone by swiping your student card at the after-hours entrance door 15 minutes after the Library closes. No special registration is required.

If you are using the Fisher 24 hour study zone before the Library closes, you will need to collect your belongings and borrow any items you need before exiting the Library at closing time. After the building has been cleared for re-entry to the 24 hour study zone, you can use your student card to re-enter.

My student card does not give me access to 24/7. What can I do?

You need to go to Campus Assist, Ground Floor , Services Building, to ask for 24/7 Fisher access to be encoded on to your student card.

What are the security arrangements?

  • Security patrols
  • Security emergency help points
  • CCTV cameras

You must keep your student card with you at all times, and follow the instructions of Security staff if directed.

For more information, see Security and your safety:

University Security Service: 9351-3333
This is an emergency number only.


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  1. Rodney Blake says:

    The 24hrs study zone for Fisher sounds great. However surely a better procedure can be implemented so students aren’t thrown out for 15mins at closing before they re-enter which is what the above procedure suggests. This is particularly painful and perhaps a little dangerous at 10pm on a winters night!

    • Rhonda Myers says:

      The requirement for students to exit the Library and re-enter is so that the after-hours area is only available for University of Sydney students. We can consider your feedback, in consultation with University Security staff, in case they can recommend an alternative entry protocol.

  2. Heather Thomas says:

    Does this include Saturdays and Sundays?

  3. pie says:

    So we aren’t even allowed to bring in Significant others into the library? The guard just booted my SO out as she wasn’t part of USyd.

    • Libby says:

      The 24 hours areas are restricted to University of Sydney Students so they have priority of access to the study seats. Your significant other is welcome during staffed hours

      • RAD says:

        HI Libby,

        I was just wondering, can students from other university can use the library? I am from Swinburne university and we often have students from other uni use our 24/7 lab. Not sure if you guys have the same policy?


        • Rhonda Myers says:

          Our libraries are open to the public during opening hours and the 24 hours areas are restricted to University of Sydney students.

          • Tim says:

            I go to the National Art School but I’ve been thinking about buying membership for Usyd libraries. If I have a library card but am a student from another uni, can I access to the 24 hour study centre?

          • Rhonda Myers says:

            Tim, only current University of Sydney students have access.

  4. Sarah says:

    Do we have to enter 15 minutes after closing or can we swipe in at any time of the night

  5. Ellie says:

    There needs to be better ettiquite for entering the 24hr zone. People literally running past and pushing one another over for a seat is a bit much. Put security on the door and make them enforce the usual social rules of not elbowing someone in the face like they’re a crazed eastern suburbs housewife grabbing at the last zimmerman dress at a djs sale. Alternativley open up the whole floor so there is enough room for everyone.

    • Libby says:

      University Security are assisting with this renetry issue by providing an additional staff member. We hope this remedies this situation.

  6. Harry says:

    Finally!! A place that is actually useful for students to study late, with excellent amenities:) The only problem is there aren’t anywhere near enough actual desks for studying!!! People study on the kitchen bench next to and dirty food scraps due to lack of desks. Why not open the 4th floor silent study area too? It seems so obvious and sensible, I was shocked to learn that the 4th floor study area was not part of the Fisher 24hr study hub. Especially when it would be so easy to include it while still preventing access to the rest of the library.

    • Libby says:

      Thanks for your suggestion we will explore whether this would be possible.

      • T.N says:

        As much as I would love the fourth floor to be added to the 24 hr section, I think this would be a bad idea unless the issue with cleanliness can be solved. The current 24 hr section is absolutely disgusting at times, even at 8am. The toilets have poo stains in some strange places, tissue paper all over the floor/over filling bins, sanitary bins overflowing. Water puddles, no tissue paper available. The rest of the 24 hr section is unkempt with rubbish on the floor, food scraps due to inability of some people to pick up after themself. Not to mention the aroma of smells, sometimes quite strongly, of the different food people bring. Unless the cleaners come in more than once a day, I would hate this mess to spread to other areas of the library. It may be that if given a bigger area the mess would not be so bad but I definitely think cleanliness should be taken into consideration before opening other parts. I mean, this is a library not a cafe or your home to mess up whenever you want.

  7. Andrea says:


    Most of the time I cannot enter the 24 hour zone with my student card. The door refuses to open and other people cannot enter it too. I use my valid student card and when I swipe it, the light turns green, but the door won’t open.

    • Marian says:

      Thanks for letting us know about this issue which has hopefully now been resolved. Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems,

  8. Pi says:

    I am not enrolled in any courses because I have suspended my studies for this semester, can I still get in?

  9. Jorge says:

    The 24hr lab is filthy. I understand there are cleaners from 4-5:30pm on weekdays. Unfortunately it appears more is required immediately.

  10. Sue says:

    Why not just do as UNSW does and just let people who are already in there to stay there. Security guards can ask for the ID of people who seem to be trouble or misbehaving.

    UNSW does the above for their study hall type thingy and seems to have no problems.

    Throwing everyone out for 15 minutes seems to be an overreaction – where is the evidence that non-sydney students are flocking to be in our library??

    And to be honest, if they aren’t causing any problems, why even worry. Like I said, UNSW does not appear to have these problems and they don’t throw everyone out. They do do random ID checks.

    • Marian says:

      Many thanks for your suggestions. Security monitor the 24/7 area and the rest of the library throughout the day and night. There are currently practical reasons for asking everyone to leave the library at closing for fifteen minutes. We are working on solutions which will be explored more full in 2nd semester.

  11. Savannah says:

    Do we have access to books during 24 hour study?

    • Gaith Bader (Library Web Services ) says:

      Thank you for the question Savannah.
      The 24 Hour study zone doesn’t have any books in it. There are however computers and WiFi points in the zone to get access to all the Library’s electronic resources.

  12. Omar says:

    Do all usyd student cards have 24 hour access by default? I’d like to swipe in around 6:30am tomorrow, which is why I’m asking. Thanks in advance.

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