Fisher Library Level 4 North open

We are happy to announce that level 4 North of Fisher Library is now open.

More than 400 quiet study desks are available…

Printing and Wireless access at the new space will be available soon.

Go to the Fisher Library renewal site for a gallery of photos




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  1. Anonymous Student says:

    I am afraid I must say it looks most dissapointing, due to the layout – the prior model with the seperate desks with the wooden seperator was more conducive to quiet study and better privacy – will there still be the described type of desks anywhere please?

  2. Gaith (Library Web) says:

    To provide much needed space for our students; we wanted to make level 4 available as soon as possible – which is why we opened the level even though the last touches, such as wireless access, were not in place just yet.

    The new desks on Level 4 are yet to have green glass dividers installed – which will turn them into a series of carrel – type spaces.

    The dividers will be here in about three weeks.

  3. Anonymous Student says:

    Thank you for your helpful reply; it is exciting and wonderful to hear that there will exist green glass dividers soon! Sounds very appealing, I appreciate this information very much.

  4. Alumni says:

    All these lovely new PCs and we can’t use them because Alumnis are not given a uni-key login. We pay our money for library access and now we can only use the small number of PCs on the fifth floor in competition with everyone else. We can’t even bring our own laptop / mobile device to use on the wireless network either. A pretty lame situation.

  5. Gaith (Library Web) says:


    Alumni :

    All these lovely new PCs and we can’t use them because Alumnis are not given a uni-key login.

    The Library is in the process of adding more Library computers on Level 3 to supplement the computers run by ICT and to enable our clients without a Unikey to use computers on that level.

    I should point out that in addition to the 49 computers on Level 5, Fisher South, there are 40 computers on Level 2, Fisher North (In the two training rooms, they are available for use when no training is taking place) and another 20 computers on Level 4, which are part of the first phase of Level 4 Library computers roll-out.

    Rest assured, as the renovation progresses, more and more Library computers will be available throughout Fisher Library.

    In the meantime, you can find, via this link, available Library computers at any of our libraries on campus.
    Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the renovations. We thank you for your patience.

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