A guided tour of Sense and Sensibilities: history of the neurosciences

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Published on: 18 September 2013

invite you to a guided tour of:

Sense and Sensibilities: history of the neurosciences

By Dr Cate Storey, President, Medical Alumni Association

Dr Cate Storey will take you on a guided tour of the history of neurosciences exhibition.

The brain must surely be the most fascinating of all human organs. The early anatomists first explored its secrets; the physiologists began to investigate its pathways; the clinicians made clinic-pathological connections but we still have much to learn. This display includes many of the original works of the 14th to 19th centuries, which laid the foundations of our current knowledge of the neurosciences.

Refreshments will be served.

TIME: 6pm – 7pm Wednesday 25 September 2013
WHERE: Exhibition Space, Level 2, Fisher North, Fisher Library
RSVP: by Monday 23 September 2013
T 02 9114 0866 or E library.rsvp@sydney.edu.au

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