Library Client Survey 2013: 15 May until 2 June 2013.

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Published on: 28 May 2013

2013SurveyScreensaver156Take the opportunity to tell us what you think about your Library. The online survey takes about 10 minutes to do and can be completed anonymously. University of Sydney students, who complete the survey, are eligible to enter the draw to win a $500 or one of 10 $50 Coles Myer gift cards.

Complete the survey HERE now!

The results are used to prioritise improvements to the University Library’s services and resources. You can read about the improvements we have introduced since the 2010 survey here.

For more information on the Library Client Survey please contact:
Libby O’Reilly Director, Library Client Services

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  1. David Larkin says:

    The library works well from my perspective as an academic staff member at the Conservatorium. The local librarians are helpful and accommodating when it comes to providing resources for class. The ability to order items from any other library within the University is a crucial one, although delivery could be quicker (within 24 hours, ideally). The electronic holdings are also very decent, and the ability to order ILL via document delivery is convenient. However, while I personally have been a beneficiary, I disapprove of the ruthless deaccession policy which has led to many items being jetisonned either for being duplicate copies or because they hadn’t been consulted recently. Given the increasing focus on e-books, the usual excuse of ‘pressures on space’ seems less relevant than ever before.
    One final thing: while not being fined when books go over date is great, the amounts charged when an item has been recalled or a short-loan item runs over are prohibitive.

  2. Paul Schofield says:

    I tend to either use the library online first for chapters, articles and readings and then they are not online I come in to borrow them. When I want I quiet place to study, I try Fischer but there never seems to be enough desks free. I think like alot of my fellow students I bring my own computer. Personally while the big screens are useful, if there were fewer library provided pcs with big screens, there’d be more space for BYOD students like me.

  3. Rowena Cowley says:

    I appreciate the broad range of vocal music/opera available in the Conservatorium library and the service offered by the librarians. The databases are a great resource as are the electronic holdings and the cross search facility.

  4. Valentina Blanco says:

    I enjoy my time spent in the Health Sciences library at Cumerland, however I find using the computers frustrating as i often find the internet drops out, I am unable to right click to fix things on my USB and have been logged off due to inactivity while right in front of the computer.

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