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Published on: 15 December 2011

The Library news site has received a facelift and functionality upgrade.

This makes it easier to search the news by word, category or date range.

It will also enable our clients to comment on our news and share it via popular social media outlets.

You can reach the new Library news site here.

If you have direct links to the news or the RSS feed, please update it as soon as you can.

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  1. Tim says:

    Who cares???? Does the quick search work well because previously it didn’t take in some of the articles, books, etc within the search (including from the academic databases) – articles used to be there sometimes within the academic databases but not found under quick search. Also, how many articles can be found under the various academic databases including for logistics and transportation and various other disciplines or is it easier to find under google scholar which can be used under google search engine? And lastly, are ebooks available especially for textbooks and other recommended books used in different classes throughout the uni or do students have to keep on purchasing them? Nobody or most student don’t care about uni news especially since they aren’t significant (not as great as the ones that’s available under us or uk or canadian or other european unis) + can always read latest news via Google or any other search engine or including under any media including social media including social networks under applications

  2. Gaith (Library Web) says:

    Hi there Tim,
    The Quick search does work well and as a federated search it covers much more than what you can find directly in our catalogue.

    Having said that, not all of the databases we are subscribed to show up via Summon. This is due to limitation put by database vendors.

    If you are having trouble finding things, I would recommend that you contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian who will be more than happy to help you. A full list of our FLL can be found at:

    If you have a specific question you can also use our Ask a Librarian form, which can be found at:

    The University of Sydney Library has around 345000 eBooks in our collection and that number is rising all the time. It all depends on the needs of our students.

    As for this news site. it is for library specific news not general news and it is a compliment to our social media sites, it is here for the people that need it.

  3. Tim says:

    Like said, not many students care about library/uni news-just few may as they are not up to international standards like the ones students can get from us,canadian,european unis (including some asian unis)-just few may like that. But, more important than this and the most basic facility is the quick search or even searching via databases-doesn’t work well and I do know how to check up such stuff after working in the search industry. Also, e-books is another facility that matters to most students including ones doing new courses or disciplines under various schools or even master/undergrad students etc. So, a lot needs to be improved and which is more important than the new News feature. Else it’s just like Microsoft-jack of all trades but master of none.

  4. Tim says:

    And also, you may want to do some research before doing things like Microsoft-jack of all but master of none-look at – Georgia Tech and other such unis – look at their front page-uses social media well, Usyd has few but not utilised well, then click under libraries & info centre hyperlink under that page and it takes a person to archives & records management+the various libraries and then click under archives & records management and it takes a person to portals including search engines (just like Summons)…..also click the libraries hyperlinks under previous page and a person will get news & so much more – that’s how a library is supposed to function – check other unis – yale, harvard, cambridge, oxford or even melbourne uni

  5. Gaith (Library Web) says:

    Thanks Tim for the feedback. I will pass on your comments.

    We strive to improve our services all the time. We have different teams working on different projects and you should see things evolving and improving in the near future.

    I can’t talk on behalf of the University’s main site and your comments about that, but I suggest if you feel strongly about the issue to drop the Uni main site a feedback comment too.

  6. Tim says:

    And lastly, finding books at Usyd – any library including Fisher is like finding a needle in a haystack – freaking chaotic – for example book with call number 337 4815 if I remember right and another book with 337 48. (forgot last digit) are on the opposite shelf compared to some of the 337 48.(s) – opposite of each other and that goes not just with 48s but all the 30s and 40s – not arranged properly (checked the order of the call numbers under shelves etc – – that just shows the laziness of the staff there and can’t blame it on students as it’s 1 of the responsibilities of the staff……there was a newsletter by the vice-chancellor few weeks back and if any staff has to be sacked, it’s ones from the various libraries at Usyd including Fisher…..if such things were done in the corporate world, next day the incompetent person would be sacked

  7. Gaith (Library Web) says:

    I am glad to report that our staff are extremely competent and not lazy at all! Fisher Library is however, in the process of being renovated, so things are being moved around. If you can’t find something please ask for help at the information desk.

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