The Digital Scholarship Studio is now open

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Published on: 8 February 2016


Cutting edge digital research services and technologies united in the University of Sydney Library’s Digital Scholarship Studio.

In the Studio we’ve brought together a number of cutting edge digital research services and
technologies, including data curation, digitisation, data analysis, visualisation and research data management, and have made them available in one central Library facility for all University researchers, including HDR students, to enjoy. The Studio delivers expertise in digital scholarship tools and techniques and supports you as a researcher in your exploration and use of digital technologies.

We’re constantly developing and evolving our exciting new digitDSS3al scholarship services in response to your needs in the rapidly changing digital research environment.


Contact and bookings:

Location: Fisher Library F03, Level 5


At present we offer services in:

Data Rescue

If you have data that’s stored on media or in file formats that are (or are soon to be) obsolete, we’ll make all reasonable attempts to rescue your data for you. We’ll attempt to retrieve data from storage media such as hard drives, USBs, SD and other memory cards, CDs and other optical disks, and floppy disks. The rescued data can then be transferred to safe and secure storage. We’ll also endeavour to identify formats of inaccessible files, determine what software’s needed to access those formats, and convert files into more accessible formats.

In the Studio, we’ll make every effort to work with you to safely retrieve as much of your research data as we can and get it into the best possible state for long-term preservation into the future.


Data Analysis and Visualisation

ParaView_screenshotData analysis and visualisation can be essential components of the research process. In the Studio, we can help you find the best software or tools for analysing and visualising your data. We’re also available to provide tips on how to get started using the tools, making the Studio a great place to come if you’re unsure of which tool to use, or if you just want to test-drive a new piece of software.

The data analysis and visualisation tools provided in the Studio are freely available to all University staff and students, so you’ll be able to take the tools back to your own computer to use throughout the course of your research.



Digitisation services and advice will also be offered through the Studio. We can provide digitisation of bound manuscripts, still images, and paper-based material (to A1 size) upon examination and volume constraints. We can also offer advice regarding formats such as glass negatives and transparencies, magnetic tape (1/4”, reel-to-reel), other videotape material (1”, Betamax, DAT, Hi-8, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, Umatic), and film. As well as this, we can provide advice on the best processes to follow in digitisation projects.


Research Data Management

Good research data management practices are becoming increasingly important to secure funding and meet publisher requirements. In the Studio, we’ll offer support and advice on:

  • research data management planning
  • data collection, organisation and description
  • data retention and archiving
  • publishing and sharing data.

Through an initial consultation, we’ll identify the research data management requirements for your project, and advise and assist you in developing a strategy for managing your research data. This will include identifying suitable storage, developing file naming conventions, advising of data retention periods and recommending suitable publishing and archiving options for your data.


3D Printing and Scanning

SnowmanThe Studio’s equipped with a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer that you can use to prototype objects, create bespoke parts, or visualise 3D models for your research. We’ll assist you in setting up your 3D object file to achieve a successful print. Once your print is underway you’ll be able to leave it running and come back to pick up your finished print at a time that’s convenient for you.

The Studio also offers 3D scanning to researchers, allowing you to digitally interact with, explore and modify objects. Scanned files can then be 3D printed in the Studio.


Contact us now to make an inquiry, or book an appointment in the Digital Scholarship Studio!


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Exhibition: Laugh Lines and Other Distractions


Comics are a natural way to communicate. If you can draw a picture, you can tell a story.

By Julie Price

When: 8 February – 31 August 2016

Where: Fisher Library F03; Level 2 Exhibition spaceLaughLine-Poster-Final_sm

Everybody knows what a comic is. We’ve all read them, laughed at them and enjoyed them. A few well-chosen images can transport meaning across language barriers.

Threads of humour are teased from many situations: political circuses; the foibles of gender; even war, as soldiers entertaining themselves find domestic appreciation for larrikin humour. So many strands to spin a chuckle from be it an ocker, a Major, a gumnut, the Little Boy from Manly; all have made Australians laugh through the years. What was true throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries holds true now – any newspaper that wants to be taken seriously simply must run a cartoon or two.

Enquiries: Rare Books and Special Collections P: +(61) 2 9351 2992

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Dentistry Library has re-opened as a learning and study space

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Published on: 4 February 2016


We’re pleased to announce that as of today the Dentistry Library has re-opened as a learning and study space after minor refurbishment works.

By Crystal Choi

What’s new

The new refurbished space will have 1 bookable group room, a new relaxed study space and a study space for group and individual study, as well as ICT (VDI) computers and printing/scanning/photocopying facilities. Additional drop-down power has also been installed.

Additional furniture in the form of some new seating (couches and chairs) and new tables will be installed in 2 weeks.

Opening hours 

The new space will initially be open from 9am-5pm, Monday –Friday. When swipe access is installed, opening hours will be extended.

All access to the space will be via campus card, and all current Dentistry students, academics and staff at the University will have access on their card, once swipe access has been installed.

Clients can initially access library support from staff during opening hours, who will be on hand to answer any queries, orientate students to the space, take returns and check out any holds/document delivery or 2 hour items.

Will there be a librarian?

Research assistance and support is ongoing. Academic Liaison Librarian, Lajos Bordas continues to be available for research appointments at the Dental Hospital, Westmead Campus and Camperdown Campus. In addition, the Chat Now instant messaging service will also continue to be available. In future, PLAs will be available in the space for support and assistance.

We are still waiting for our HAL-4 Smartlocker and HAL-5 Libcabinet to arrive, so we’ll keep you posted on their arrival. In the meantime, clients can see staff in the space for assistance.


Orientation Week 2016: Discover your Library

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Published on: 1 February 2016


Welcome to the University of Sydney!

Join us in the Library for a free interactive hour discovering key resources for your study and research. Sessions are designed to help you achieve the best results in the digital environment in the shortest time by using the Library’s online catalogue, CrossSearch, and Subject Guides. BYO devices welcome.

24 February, 12 – 1pm and 1 – 2pm: SciTech Library The classes are in rooms 3 & 4.

25 February, 12 – 1pm and 1 – 2pm: Fisher Library The classes are in rooms 210 and 213.

26 February, 12 – 1pm and 1 – 2pm: SciTech Library The classes are in rooms 3 & 4.


Also check out our Trivia sessions and special tours in Indonesian, Mandarin and English.

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Orientation Week 2016: Trivia in the Library

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Published on: 1 February 2016


Welcome to the University of Sydney!

Come and join us for a game of trivia in the Library!

Bring a team or join one on the day for your chance to win prizes!

22 February, 12 – 1pm: Health Sciences Library

24 February, 1.30 – 2.30pm: SciTech Library

25 February, 1.30 – 2.30pm: Fisher Library


Also check out our Discover your Library sessions and special tours in Indonesian, Mandarin and English.

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Time for a Nap! The new EnergyPod has arrived in Fisher Library

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Published on: 1 February 2016



Feeling tired? Take a nap! 
Fisher Library now has a place for students to take a break and revive the mind with the proven benefits of an optimal 20 minute nap!

By Coral Black

Based on years of research, the world’s first chair designed specifically for napping combines stylish design with ergonomic functionality to create the ideal energy enhancing environment.

Why not have a try yourself?

Lie back and relax, pull across the privacy shield and incline the chair – 3 programs of gentle sounds and music lull you into the land of nod. Diffuse coloured lights play across the interior canopy. The pod then lifts you from your slumber with a gentle and increasing sound and pulsations, letting you emerge refreshed for that pressing assignment, lecture or date.

There is no need to book it. Just come and give it a try – one person at a time.


Water damage: Health Sciences Library closed until 8 February

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Published on: 1 February 2016


Please be advised that the Health Sciences Library is still closed due to water damage caused by the storm over the weekend which comprises of mostly wet carpet, the collection and technology seem to be fine.

The Library will remain closed for this week and reopen on Monday 8 February. Clients will be allowed into Level 1 of the library, at this stage Level 2 will remain closed due to work being undertaken to replace ceiling panels. 

Please continue to check the library website for updates.



New 3D Printer and Scanner for the Digital Scholarship Studio at Fisher Library



The Library has just taken possession of the first MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen 3D printer as well as a MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner.

By Sten Christensen

The two pieces of equipment will begin to form part of the services that the Library can offer researchers and will be situated in the Digital Scholarship Studio on Level 5 of Fisher.

Once we’ve had the equipment installed and a number of staff trained we will be training groups of staff. There are a number of things that we obviously need to consider, like pricing and booking, and we are working on that at the moment, however we are very excited about the arrival of this technology, which offers researchers new dimensions to their research and their ability to prototype ideas.


Want to know more? Contact

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Ex Libris Fisherarium: Persons of Interest


PhD candidate Glenn Wallace and UNSWAD academic Dr Katherine Moline give us an intriguing insight into the machinations of ASIO and the Cold War era, writes Dr Michael Goldberg.

When: 2 November 2015 – 2 December 2015

Where: Fisher Library F03 Levels 2,3, and 4

Personsofinterest_pic1For over 40 years, Australia’s Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) seized books that were deemed subversive in raids on the homes of people suspected of conspiracy. In recent years ASIO files documenting the activities of certain ‘Persons of Interest’ have been released.

For this iteration of Ex Libris Fisherarium, ‘Era of Surveillance’ maps where confiscated texts are located in Fisher Library. Viewers are invited to explore the Library as a space where art, architecture, politics, knowledge and power converge.

Era of surveillance: Persons of interest / Family
Artists: Katherine Moline and Glenn Wallace




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ANZAC centenary: Stories of War

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Published on: 11 November 2015


When: 24 April 2015 – 1 February 2016

Where: Fisher Library F03, Exhibition Space Level 2


During World War I the University of Sydney played a unique role in the War effort, with the expertise of its academic staff and students in high demand. The members of the University responded with enthusiasm and bravery, with 200 students and 36 staff on active service overseas by the end of 1915.

As the war progressed, so too did the need for qualified doctors, engineers, scientists and veterinarians. As early as 1916, the University recognised the importance of honouring and memorialising the efforts of its community and the lives lost, and began to collect letters, photographs, records, stories and publications.

Drawn primarily from the University Archives and Rare Books and Special Collections, with contributions from the Macleay Museum and the Faculties of Medicine and Education and Social Work, this exhibition explores the nuanced and varied ways in which the University, and its men and women, experienced, understood and responded to World War I.

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