University of Sydney Library joins OCLC Research Library Partnership


The OCLC Research Library Partnership is an affiliation of many of the world’s major research libraries and archives, including most Australia Go8 Libraries. iSpheresImagePublicationsImagebank_52593_0

Access to OCLC programs, workshops, and webinars will provide staff development and collaboration opportunities for University of Sydney Library staff.

Some of the benefits of the partnership include:

  • The opportunity to work with similarly motivated institutions to collaboratively address changing architectural, workflow and service issues.
  • Invitations to Partners-only working groups that focus on high-priority needs and issues.
  • Sharing collections and continuing to build and refine resource-sharing capacities.
  • Improving the management of the cultural and scholarly record.
  • the ability to follow e-mail and discussion lists on current research work

Ex Libris Fisherarium: Ontologías y Códices

Sydney College of the Arts proudly presents:

Ontologías y Códices

Artist: David Corbet

Curated by: Dr. Michael Goldberg


When: 22 Sep – 29 Oct 2015Entre irse y quedarse

Where: Fisher Library F03, Levels 1,2 and 3

“This exhibition is inspired by my adventures in the worlds of hispanic literature, poetry, song and art-making. Drawing from diverse sources, it is a personal homage to the vitality and richness of the worldwide cultures expressed and celebrated predominantly in the Spanish language – la lengua española. Such an assemblage constitutes, in a sense, a series of indices or, in a library context, codices. Among the random we seek order and likeness, we may find seriality and continuity of meaning. My studio practice and research into language systems has pursued this notion of seriality, subtitling an earlier exhibition ‘Ontologies for a small planet’. Among these disparate references my own studio work is interspersed, largely on paper, ranging from etchings and drawings to notebooks and notations.” – David Corbet


Las vidas de otrosThe exhibition is made up of three parts:

Level 1
“Entre irse y quedarse”
(English: “Between going and staying”)This display is inspired by the text of a poem by the late Mexican Nobel Laureate Ocavio Paz, and the late Catalan printmaker Antoni Tàpies.

Level 2
“Las vidas de otros”
(English: “The lives of others”)This display is a collection of works, books and objects obliquely exploring our human power relationship with animals, through ontologies of classification, patterning and adornment.

Level 3
“La lotería de la existencia”
(English: “The lottery of existence”)This display celebrates ontologies of chance, of religion and mysticism, and of altar-making. It explores how objects can become imbued with ritualised power through their organisation, and transformations of meaning brought about by context.


Chat Now!

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Published on: 6 October 2015



Chat Now is an exciting new instant messaging service which enables clients to ask questions and talk to Library staff in ‘real time’.

It is an extension of the Ask Us Now FAQ database and Information Desk service. It will enable clients to get in touch with library staff quickly and easily from any location.

The Chat Now service will initially be available from 10am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.


What do our students think?

“I think Chat Now will make it much simpler and be more convenient for students to ask more questions. With many companies across Australia adopting a live chat contact alternative, it’s pretty much a requirement for all help centres. With Chat Now, help is more readily available. I think this is likely to increase the number of questions and also the type of questions. For example, instead of physically walking up to the library help desk, students can ask librarians via the Chat Now advice for certain research or even how to find a specific book in the Library” –Glen

“If you have a question while you’re searching databases at home you’ll have someone to be able to ask” – Erin

“It will be a good channel for students to ask questions and if you need a quick answer” – Ingrid 

Rare Books Exhibition: Circumstances of Interest



Travel diaries, journals and logs from Fisher Rare Books and Special Collections


When: 2 October – 31 December 2015

Where: Fisher Library F03; Level 3 Corridor


For long-distance travelers in the 19th and early 20th centuries, keeping a journal was a popular method of keeping oneself gainfully occupied during long months spent at sea.

Through a selection of manuscript travel diaries, journals and logs from Fisher Rare Books and Special Collections, this new exhibition provides a window (or, a porthole) into the 19th century shipboard experience.



Read more on the Rare Books blog

#RareBooks #Sydney_library


Exhibition: Kimnara records: a collaboration in Art and Music


The exhibition will display artworks by Fusae Ikeda that were created for Kimnara Records CD covers.Fusae Ikeda

Curated by Marie Chellos, Glen Smyth and Dr Simon Baker


When: 1 October – 30 November 2015

Where: Conservatorium Library. Level 2, Macquarie Street C41. Sydney NSW 2000

Developed by Simon Barker in 2005, Kimnara Records is an independent label offering music by a core group of Australian musicians, University of Sydney lecturers, including Phil Slater, Matt McMahon, Carl Dewhurst, and Scott Tinkler.

Dr Simon Barker (PhD Jazz Performance) is a lecturer in Jazz Studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. In addition to his solo performances and recordings, Simon co-leads several internationally recognized collaborative ensembles.
This is an example of non-traditional research output (NTRO) exemplifies creative work as research.

The exhibition will feature 4 framed posters and 12 CDs (some listed here).

“From Devil to Human Being: celebrating postwar reconciliation”

23 September 2015

An exhibition to commemorate 70 years since the end of the Asia-Pacific war.

When: 23 Sep – 31 November 2015

Where: Herbert Smith Freehills Law Library, New Sydney Law School Building F10

Curator: Susannah Smith curating the research of Yasuko Claremont, Japanese Studies, University of Sydney

Exhibition photo 2_180X267


The Asia-Pacific war was viciously fought on both sides and finally, ended 70 years ago.

This exhibition re-examines the legacy of the war and all efforts made to build peace and reconciliation. It highlights the efforts of individuals and groups to achieve peace and friendship between those who were once enemies. Their stories are told in these photographs.

Themes depicted in the exhibition range from meetings between former enemies, to group peace activities and sites of remembering. The exhibition also explores how the next generation comes to terms with the legacy of conflict.

Painting by HIDEICHI KAIHO, 1999

The exhibition is part of a conference project entitled Wounds, Scars and Healing: Civil Society and Postwar Pacific basin Reconciliation. Its ultimate theme is reconnecting through friendship and brotherhood which takes place from 30 September – 2 October 2015 at the University of Sydney.


For updates on social media:

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Films At Fisher: – 22 September

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Published on: 16 September 2015

The Films At Fisher Series proudly presents:

Joyeux Noel220px-MerryChristmasfilmPoster3

(Christian Carion, 2005)


When: 22 September 2015; 5.30pm

Where: Fisher Library F03; Exhibition Space; Level 2


“We were talking about a cease fire, for Christmas Eve. What do you think?”

The classic tale of the Christmas truce between German, French and Scottish soldiers across the battle fields of World War One. The fleeting brotherhood of the men captures the impressibility of humanity in the most extreme of circumstances.


For updates on social media: #FilmsAtFisher

For staff and students

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Database Trials: De-classified documents and the Churchill Archive

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Published on: 10 September 2015

The library is currently trialing two databases that may be of interest.

Please have a look at these databases and let us know if you think they would be useful additions:

Churchill archive image

De-classified Documents Reference System

DDRS is a collection of previously classified government documents relating to domestic and foreign policy.  It fills an important gap in post-World War II domestic and foreign policy studies and provides unique opportunities for undergraduate and graduate comprehensive research in a rich primary source. In addition, Declassified Documents Reference System provides a significant resource for researchers in almost every discipline, including journalism, public policy studies, international law and security, and more.


Trial Ends: 9th October 2015

Please fill out the Database Evaluation Form – Thank you


Churchill Archive

The Churchill Archive is a unique resource that brings nearly 800,000 documents amassed by Winston S. Churchill throughout his life online for the first time.

To complement the core content, the Churchill Archive will offer an expanding range of additional materials, including pedagogical resources and secondary materials, plus editorially-selected links to other resources, video and audio content, and biographical and bibliographic databases.


Trial ends – 1st November 2015

Please fill out the Database Evaluation Form – Thank you

Films At Fisher: A Very Long Engagement – 15 September

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Published on: 10 September 2015

The Films At Fisher Series proudly presents:

A Very Long Engagement220px-A_Very_Long_Engagement_movie

(Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Fr 2004)


When: 15 September 2015; 5.30pm

Where: Fisher Library F03; Exhibition Space; Level 2


A remarkably rich movie, full of detail, and it grips and entertains like a detective story while never losing sight of the horrors of war.“

 – Philip French, The Observe


Reuniting the star and director of the much-loved Amelie (2001), this is the romantic story of a young woman (Audrey Tatou) and her relentless search for her lover who has gone missing on the battle fields of the Somme. The stories of the missing man’s comrades, told in flashback, are both dreamlike and heartbreaking.


For updates on social media: #FilmsAtFisher

For staff and students

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Films At Fisher: Regeneration – 8 September

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Published on: 26 August 2015

The Films At Fisher Series proudly presents:



(Gillies McKinnon, UK 1997)


When: 8 September 2015; 5.30pm

Where: Fisher Library F03; Exhibition Space; Level 2


“A stirring and articulate exploration of warfare and its consequences” New York Times


Based on Pat Barker’s celebrated novel, Regeneration depicts a group of shell-shocked soldiers coming to terms with their horrific experiences on the battlefields of World War One. This is drama at its most intelligent; compelling, compassionate and shocking.


For updates on social media: #FilmsAtFisher

For staff and students

Check out our other films in the series:Films At Fisher complete program

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