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Published on: 17 January 2013

 We have listened to your feedback! From 16 January 2013 our alumni members can request (recall) items from all locations and not just from Storage. We have also increased the number of electronic resources that alumni can access off-campus. We will continue negotiating with our vendors to enable us to provide alumni with even more off-campus access to electronic resources.

For full details please head to our Services for alumni page.



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  1. Hi

    As I have seen the disappearance of bookstores and quality newspapers in the US and know that, especially to the person without a kindle, an old book may be as good as a new one, I would like to know what the library is doing with its old books, displaced by new technology.

    Do you burn them or do something else with them?

  2. Gaith (Library Web) says:

    @Carol O’Donnell

    Hi Carol,

    Thank you for your comment and question.

    We always keep at least one copy of a book we have, if it is in low use then it will be moved to our storage facility.

    We often offer duplicate items we have to staff and students, after which, what is left of those we give to the Chancellor’s Committee, who run the yearly Bookfair sale.
    You can find more details about that on their website:

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