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Published on: 18 March 2013

1999_W156The University of Sydney recognises the importance of publishing research findings and the pressure on researchers to do so. However, the Library wishes to advise the researchers of the University to take care if they are approached with an unsolicited offer to publish their research or thesis. There are a number of “predatory” publishers out there taking advantage of the Open Access movement and early career researcher’s desire to publish.

As a result of this we have updated the information on the Publish your research website to highlight this issue.

If you are approached with an unsolicited offer to publish your research or have any questions about such an offer to publish contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian.



Make your PhD thesis available on Open Access. The sky won’t fall on your head!

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Published on: 16 July 2012


Sten Christensen, Sydney eScholarship, University of Sydney Library

“If I make my thesis available on open access I won’t be able to publish it.”
Wrong, you will still be able to publish it.

There are many misconceptions in relation to making your thesis available on open access, this is the main one and it’s incorrect. Any reputable publisher will take the thesis as a raw manuscript and will edit it so that it is palatable to a wider audience. As such there should be a marked difference between the thesis and the published work; therefore there should be no issue, see Thesis into book. Advice to the desperate (more…)

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