Trial from 2 October 12 to 30 September 2013. Journals, magazines and newspapers can be borrowed for 2 Hours.

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Published on: 27 September 2012

Need to borrow journals, magazines or newspapers (excluding looseleaf services)?

Loans of 2 Hours will be available via each Library’s Information Desk during the trial period.  Please return items to the Information Desk.

Photocopying services are available in all University Libraries. Scanning services are available in most University Libraries, except Camden, Conservatorium of Music and Sydney College of the Arts.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    The loans of 2 hours for journals is very much needed for journals that are not available electronically. I have had problems before in the past that I needed to scan a hardcopy journal in the library, however unable to do so because the Health Campus library does not provide scanning facility. Furthermore, the journals are not available for loan for a short period which maybe beneficial for me to scan it using facilities not provided by the library. Thank you for having this trial servive and I hope this will be maintained indefinitely.

  2. Caroline Regan says:

    Hi Marilyn, we actually do have a scanner in the Health Sciences Library. It is located in our Photocopying/Printing room. If you can’t find it, or need help to use it, please just ask at our Information Desk.

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